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Interactive North Residential Internet

The Internet is for everyone, but not everyone uses the Internet in the same way. Interactive North offers a variety of service levels allowing you to use our Internet access network the way YOU want.
We offer fixed speed plans as well as plans based on data usage.Call us now to find out if service is available in your area!

Residential Unlimited High Speed Internet Plans

Light Plan


Per Month

  • 1.5 Mbps download

  • 374 Kbps upload

  • Basic Web Browsing

  • Basic Email

  • Good For Individuals


standard plan


Per Month

  • 3 Mbps download

  • 768 Kbps upload

  • Web Browsing

  • Email

  • 1 Person Low Def Streaming


5 x 1 Plan


Per Month

  • 5 Mbps download

  • 768 Kbps upload

  • Web Browsing

  • Email

  • 1 Device Standard Def Streaming

  • Good for 2 - 4 People

Data Usage Plans

Bustable to a 12mbps download experience

Plan Usage Price

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