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LTE Internet

LTE Internet

The Internet is for everyone, but not everyone uses the Internet in the same way.  Interactive North offers a variety of service levels allowing you to use our LTE Internet access network the way YOU want.

* Maximum connection speed will vary with distance from tower, received signal strength at the LTE radio, obstructions between LTE radio and tower, and other factors.

Data Allowance Overages

Of course, nobody can predict perfectly what their Internet usage will be. Interactive North offers you the choice of what happens if you should exceed your monthly data allowance.
Fixed Speed:
Any data used above and beyond your monthly data allowance will be billed at a rate of $1/gigabyte. Your download speeds remain unaffected.
Fixed Price:
If your monthly data allowance is exceeded, download speeds will be reduced to 1 megabit/second. There are, however, no extra charges for data.


The LTE package includes an LTE radio, mounting gear, and wiring into your building. Note that some installations require additional time, materials or other considerations; should this situation apply to you, our technicians will provide you with a quote for the additional costs, and no work will be performed without your consent. This does not include any internal networking equipment, such as router, WiFi access points, internal cabling, or similar. If you do require additional equipment, internal wiring, or other such work, Interactive North will be happy to discuss options with you.

Interactive North owns and manages the LTE radio. Should the radio somehow be damaged or destroyed through user carelessness or action, a replacement fee will be charged.


Interactive North offers two choices for length of service:
Month-To-Month service with an activation fee, or a 2 Year Contract in which the Activation fee is waived. At the end of the term, should you wish not to renew service, no removal fee will be charged.

Can I change bandwidth plans?
You can upgrade your plan, or switch from Fixed Price to Fixed Speed mode, at any time. If you wish to downgrade your service plan, and haven’t exceeded the data allowance for the plan you wish to move to, that’s no problem either. Similarly, if you wish to move from Fixed Price mode to Fixed Speed mode, we can do that if haven’t already exceeded your data allowance for the month. Otherwise, plan changes will occur at the beginning of the next month.


Residential connections allow for easy payment with pre-authorized payment from a bank account or credit card.  Our billing system will send invoices to the email address of your choice, and you can log in to our billing portal at any time to check the status of your account.  Unpaid accounts will be automatically suspended until payment arrangements are made.