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We are re-thinking the way your company controls its Internet connectivity. We understand that all businesses don’t fit in the same three boxes, and that’s why we’re putting the control in your hands. You choose the package, we deliver the content. You get true unlimited Internet connectivity, split however you like between download and upload.

Business Services can include:

Industry-leading service level agreement
Guarantees on connection performance, uptime, and service response time
Automated connection monitoring service instantly alerts you via email and/or SMS text message in the event of an outage
Static IP Addresses
Business Continuity Connection

For most businesses these days, your Internet connection is the lifeblood of your daily operations, and critical to overall productivity. Relying on a single connection exposes your business to the risk of unexpected downtime when your service provider experiences an outage.

Interactive North’s Business Continuity connection is specifically designed to act as a safety net for these situations. When you lose your primary Internet connection the Business Continuity connection will be there ready to take over, minimizing the downtime your business experiences. Our automatic intervention package which uses a hardware solution to automate the failover process, creating a near-seamless transition the moment your primary connection fails. Upon switching to our backup connection the system will automatically notify you via email or SMS, so you can inform your primary provider of the failure.

Not only will you have the peace of mind that your daily operations will continue as normal, but you also receive the highest available speeds from our network at that time, prioritizing your traffic. Unlike other Interactive North packages, your Business Continuity connection is not intended for primary use, and therefore does not require unlimited data usage. We provide 1 GB of data usage each month, and if you happen to go over this we will allow additional data usage at the rate of $10 per GB.

If Interactive North already provides your business’ primary Internet connection, we may still be able to offer you a network-diversified backup connection.

COMMERCIAL High Speed Internet Plans

This service offers a scalable connection providing a combination of upload download speeds between minimum of 10Mbps and a maximum of 100Mbps

Monthly Services

Starting at a minimum of $100/month, you get 10Mbps of unlimited Internet connectivity, split however you like between download and upload. 5×5, 7×3, 2×8. The service can be reconfigured remotely by Interactive North

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